What types of events do we do?

We do Dances, Weddings, Parties, Reunions, Proms and more. For a moment we'll focus on the most popular event, Wedding. (To skip this section scroll to the next Yellow line.

Wyoming's most interactive Mobile DJ, Tickers Music Mania is well versed in the wedding industry.  We would be honored to be a part of your special day. Having a reception with out great entertainment is like having a house without a roof or walls. Don't let your most important day go without Tickers Music Mania
You'll have a wedding reception that is family friendly entertainment with Tickers Music Mania
What is family friendly? Just as a movie is rated PG,  Tickers Music Mania, is PG never off color.

 We know that your wedding is the most important day of your life.
    We customize your reception and formal dances. After completing your planner, our Emcees will make announcements have a microphone available for toasts, introduce all special moments, and keep your guests involved the entire night..                  
We keep the fun going and going and going......
    Want to be a bit different with your wedding, after all, its YOUR wedding right? Here are some ideas we received from intimateweddings.com
    There’s no better time than a wedding to get creative. And sometimes that means breaking tradition.
Although there are many accepted (and expected) traditions that surround weddings, who says you can’t buck convention and create your own traditions?
Don’t want to wear a white dress? Wear any color you want. Want a ‘no aisle' ceremony? Go for it.
Here are a few unconventional ideas to take you down the aisles less traveled.
1. Have your guests sit or stand in a circle for your ceremony.
2. Have both parents walk you down the aisle.
3. Have your husband-to-be escort you to the altar.
4. Don’t have Bridesmaids.
5. Have an uneven number of attendants. (Maybe you just want a maid of honor, but he wants three groomsmen.)
6. Have a “man of honor” instead of a maid of honor. (Your brother? A good male friend?)
7. Have the Groom choose a “best woman.” (His sister? A good female friend?)
8. Don’t wear a veil.
9. Have bridesmaids carry candles instead of  bouquets as they walk down the aisle.
10. Write your own vows.
11. Have a ring warming. (What’s a ring warming you ask? There are different versions of this, but generally the rings are placed in a small bag and are passed around to each guest prior to the ring exchange. Each guest blesses the rings or says a prayer.)
12. Choose unconventional processional and/or recessional music. (Love the Black Eyed Peas? Use your favorite song by them. Love Billy Joel? Choose one of his songs. You don’t have to stick with Pachelbel’s Canon or Ode to Joy.

CLICK HEREfor our Wedding Planner (simply put? save some ca$h and not worry about hiring one)

CLICK HERE for Formal Dance Song ideas.

Dances & Proms

Tickers Music Mania is no stranger to what's is new in music. Whether it is country, hip hop, rap, top forty or even techno. Tickers Music Mania follows through with their family friendly policy in grade, junior, and high school events. We do accept requests at dances and proms, but we are also aware of what is appropriate and what is not. We do not play any music brought in by students. Tickers Music Mania, is 95% edited, we don't know if the students music is.  Having a dance or a prom is a great way for friends to get together and enjoy themselves with dancing. 

We will have your students and their guests dancing with the music that is "in" today and of course some classics.  We  performed at hundreds of dances and numerous proms through out Wyoming, Nebraska and northern Colorado.
We do not accept vouchers of any kind.  Payment in full is due by the end of the event on the same day.
Dances, proms and Tickers Music Mania are a great combination.  Tickers Music Mania has up to date music of all genres.  We mix the music appropriately to the students taste.  Be rest assured that when you choose Tickers Music Mania the music we play is edited and appropriate. We bring it all for your dance or prom.  Professional dance lights ,  professional "QSC" sound for up to 1000 energized teens.
     With proms  we take special care to make sure we have the style of  music the class has voted on for their prom so everything goes as planned.
    If your students aren't dancing, they're leaving. You want the students to have the best time possible, and with over 700 dances as well as 30 proms that Tickers Music Mania performed at, students will stay.  Slow dances,  hip hop, two step, line dances, classic favorites and the latest fads, we bring it all. If your students aren't having fun, there's something wrong.  Make sure your dance or prom is fun for everyone.
Contact us for your public or private dances. We're there for you with no travel charge. 
Click here to see the communities we serve.      
We do not accept vouchers of any kind.  Payment in full is due by the end of the event on the same day.

Class and Family Reunions

Class reunions are a blast. You get to reminisce with your friends and meet new ones. But what do you do during dinner, how do you get your classmates up and dancing?  Our entertainers have music, games, and interactive ideas whether it the class of '46 or the class of last year 
    We have ice breakers that are fail proof.  Your classmates will thank you for a wonderful time and that's what you want, right?
     Family reunions: You haven't seen uncle Jim and aunt Jan in 15years,  or maybe you saw your sister two days ago.  How ever long its been, we are ready for a fun, family reunion dance with all of your relatives. Music, games, contest, and lots of fun will make your family reunion a memory forever.

Birthday, New Years Eve, Halloween, Valentines, St. Patrick's, or any other day or reason to have a party. Our family friendly policy (PG rated) along with our music, games, contests and fun will make your party a success.

Tickers Music Mania does not have a travel charge for any event we do.

Places we travel. 

Performing at weddings, dances, private parties, holiday parties, proms and school events, Wyomings most interactive Mobile DJ, Tickers Music Mania is for you.

With headquarters in Casper WY, this helps us to be centrally located for Wyoming. We serve the following areas with NO TRAVEL CHARGE!

Wyoming communities we serve:
Alcova, Casper, Cody, Edgerton, Glenrock, Jackson, Laramie, Moorcroft, Riverton, Thermopolis
Worland, Basin area, Cheyenne, Douglas, Fort Laramie, Guernsey, Kaycee, Lusk, Newcastle,
Sheridan, Upton, Wright, Buffalo, Chugwater, Dubois, Gillette, Hudson, Lander, Midwest,
Rawlins, Shoshoni, Wheatland and any sagebrush in between.

Colorado communities we serve:
Denver,  Ft. Collins,  Loveland and north to the border

Nebraska communities we serve:  
Alliance,  Scottsbluff, Chadron and all the, slow you down along the way towns including

More places we serve?  (You'd be surprised at our prices in the following areas below)
Anaheim, California (area)
Las Vegas, Nevada (area)
Salt Lake City / Provo (area)

Tickers Music Mania Entertainment enjoys true interaction with the guests.
Our state of the art QSC sound system provides ample sound for up to 1,000 guests.
Over 23,000 selections by your favorite original artist.

**Available October thru April**

    Over 19 years experience, Tickers Music Mania is owned, and operated by Ticker Lock. A bit of history before we get into the "meat and potatoes" of Tickers Music Mania.

When Ticker was 25, he started working at another radio station in Gillette WY.  He talked with a friend in Gillette about what it would take to start a DJ service, she said, "here's a catalog if your interested just call them and you'll be on your way."  he did just that.  He saw the prices of equipment and was trying to find a way to pay for it. Ticker ended up selling his Firebird to get his first real system.

  Ticker slowly started getting more and more experience and with the extra money he was making he was  re investing it into Tickers Music Mania.  Buying more and more equipment. Speakers, music, props, and dance lights.  He is really "drawn towards the light"

   Since 1998 Ticker has taken "Tickers Music Mania" and  has grown  to become a highly sought after Entertainment company and has been labeled as,  Wyoming's most interactive Mobile DJ. Ticker could not have gone as far as he has with out God.